Showtime wanted to go beyond the metrics to understand viewers’ motivations for watching Nurse Jackie through different viewing platforms.

The Problem

Showtime, the leader in premium cable television, wanted to conduct exploratory research surrounding their hit show, Nurse Jackie. While Showtime has a great deal of viewer data available, they sought to understand viewer preferences (which viewing platform, On Demand/DVR/Linear) and what drives their preference(s) when watching Nurse Jackie. This research represented a tremendous opportunity for Showtime to gather in-depth insights about Nurse Jackie viewers as well as the show itself.

The Solution

iModerate’s hybrid approach allowed Showtime to integrate in-depth conversations with Nurse Jackie viewers into their quantitative research, allowing the network to understand the motivations behind their viewing preferences. The flexible nature of the platform allowed Showtime to spread out the conversations in four waves over the course of four weeks. iModerate spoke with a diverse group of 100 Nurse Jackie viewers, all who subscribe to digital cable, receive Showtime, have Showtime On-Demand and a DVR, and who have watched more than two episodes of Nurse Jackie this season.

The Results

The iModerate sessions painted a complete picture of Nurse Jackie’s viewers beyond the quantitative metrics surrounding viewing frequency, television subscription information and demographics. The insights revealed that in an ideal world, most Nurse Jackie fans would watch the live Monday night premiere, and that those who did were the most fervent fans. However, due to an array of work, family and social commitments, most utilize DVR and On-Demand technologies to watch the show.

Through candid feedback surrounding platform benefits, drawbacks, and the motivations behind platform switching, iModerate was able to develop 5 personas for Showtime to more fully understand their viewership. These personas provide the team with fun and accurate representations of their audience to refer back to. In the end, these personas provided Showtime with detailed emotional hot buttons for the refinement of their On-Demand communications. Moreover, the personas will help inform Showtime’s future online platform endeavors and key viewership targets.

The following is an example persona and accompanying vignette:

Persona: Combination Viewers

More so than any other respondents, Combination Viewers care about one thing – convenience. While primarily DVR, On-Demand, and live viewers have a degree of loyalty to their preferred method of watching, Combination Viewers will use whatever method is most convenient that week. As long as they’re able to watch Nurse Jackie, they will keep their preferences flexible.

Vignette: Rachel 

Showtime-vignetteRachel is a stay-at-home mom with a five year old son, Sam. “Between taking him to school, looking after the house, and shuttling between his after-school piano lessons and soccer practices, I’m really busy.” However, on most Mondays she’s able to watch Nurse Jackie during the premiere. “When my husband gets home from work, I kick my feet up a bit and let him handle Sam.” But some nights, Rachel is simply too exhausted to stay up for Nurse Jackie. “This last Monday I had to get up early for a doctor’s appointment, do the usual routine with Sam, and spend the afternoon in jury duty. By 9:30pm, I was ready to pass out.” On nights like these, Rachel depends on her DVR or On-Demand to keep up with the show. “Monday nights are fun, but if I’m just too tired I know I can always switch to DVR or On-Demand – they are life-savers for busy moms!”