Teatulia needed to understand how U.S. consumers viewed their brand before launching in the states.

The Problem

Teatulia was looking to expand into the U.S. but had no idea how their brand would be received. Entering into a large, competitive market, Teatulia’s success in part depended on understanding how the U.S. consumer viewed their brand. Specifically, they needed to know how their Bangladesh heritage would be perceived as well as their dedication to social responsibility.

Use Case
Understand Brand Perception

The Solution

In order to launch effectively, confidently, Teatulia partnered with public relations firm LeGrand Hart and iModerate to get the feedback they needed around both their brand and their place in the growing U.S. tea market. iModerate designed a study in which we layered our one-on-one conversations into an online survey for a hybrid approach giving the fledgling company comprehensive insight quickly and cost effectively.

The Results

One of Teatulia’s biggest concerns, what the U.S. market thought of Bangladesh, was put to rest after the conversations revealed that even though consumers had limited familiarity with Bangladesh, they did associate an “exotic” flair with an organic tea from the country. The research also found that Teatulia’s commitment to social responsibility was a major factor in consumers’ positive perceptions about the brand. In fact, most individuals stated that they care a great deal if a product is connected to a greater good and will purchase it for that reason.

Aside from the quality of the product, truly executing on social responsibility, fairness in labor practices, and organic production are what consumers said will make or break how people view the brand going forward. This insight helped Teatulia successfully launch in the U.S. and gain market share over the years. To this day they still hold true to their ideals, helping the Bangladesh people and championing programs such as health and recreation for youth and adult literary education.