In order to deliver industry-leading content, Vantiv needed to understand Digital Natives' behaviors and perceptions regarding mobile technology and shopping.

The Problem

Vantiv is a leading payment processor and technology provider. They provide a great deal of content to educate their industry, which is traditional and not always fast to adapt to changing consumer needs. In order to create content that keeps the industry up-to-date on the most recent technological advances, Vantiv needed a way to tap into the buying motivations and behaviors of Digital Natives. In doing so, they hoped to shed light on the future of commerce as relates to mobile shopping and payment.

The Solution

iModerate sought to understand Digital Natives’ behaviors, perceptions, frustrations and desires around mobile technology in the shopping journey in order to give Vantiv an informed viewpoint with which to write content as well as verbatims to accompany and enhance their perspective.

In order to capture the voice and opinion of over 1000 Digital Natives and give Vantiv insight at scale, iModerate utilized (iM)merge Analytics. Digital Natives were asked a few questions about technology in their shopping journey, specifically about the use of a smartphone. After collecting the feedback, our analysts used text analytics software to cull through the information. They then pulled together the main themes, the language, and the nuance in the responses in order to gain a deep understanding of how Digital Natives see technology shaping the future of shopping.

The Results

iModerate found that Digital Natives feel that companies will leverage technology to create a more convenient, efficient, and less expensive shopping experience. In short, we found that Digital Natives want:

  • To cut down on comparison time. This could be accomplished through sites/apps that allow them to identify items, read reviews, compare similar items at different price points, and learn where products can be found in-stock at the lowest price.
  • Product information tailored to their needs. Better views and details on the look and fit of clothing would help Digital Natives avoid the hassle of searches and returns.
  • An improved mobile shopping experience. This will allow them to efficiently navigate site sand locate specific details about products and services. Their mobile experience should be just as easy as surfing the web via desktop.
  • To be offered applicable discounts (through technology like geolocation) that are easy to redeem from a mobile device.
  • Special delivery, such as same-day service or less expensive/free expedited shipping.

Vantiv was able to create content that was informative, novel, and impactful. This content, equal parts interesting and educational, served their wide audience – from small businesses to big banks. It succeeded in positioning Vantiv as a thought leader in the category, as demonstrated by its well-above-average readership performance. Furthermore, the content was able to be repurposed into multiple pieces, including an infographic, a short form “fast facts” piece and a video.